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When Should I Remodel My Bathroom?

An informative blog detailing the best time to renovate your bathroom, answering additional questions regarding prices and professional work vs. DIY.

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Remodeling a bathroom is a big project to take on, whether you’re hiring someone to do it or getting it done yourself. It takes time, work, commitment, and money, but most of all it’s important to know when to get started.

As a general rule, bathrooms should be remodeled around every 10 to 15 years. This is based on the condition and upkeep of your facilities, such as sinks and toilets. Considering how quickly trends can go out of style, you may not want to wait this long to update your bathroom. Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home and as such it requires routine maintenance inspections.

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The professional world is rapidly changing and working from home is becoming more popular by the day. As a result, we have been spending more time in our homes than ever before. What else can you do in your house to keep yourself busy? Good question! Why not remodel your bathroom?

Now, I know what you’re going to ask next: “I don’t know the first thing about remodeling a bathroom! Where do I even start?”

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Don’t worry! I’m here to explain the when’s, why’s, and how’s of bathroom renovations so you know precisely what you’re getting into!

How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom?

Many different things factor into how often your bathroom should be updated, from plumbing issues and broken facilities to beautification and it being outdated. More often than not, remodeling your bathroom as a whole isn’t necessary. This depends on the condition of the bathroom itself, the items inside, and your intentions for the room.

If you’re wanting to keep up with the times, trends in colors and styles can change in as little as four years. However, if your reason is simple maintenance upkeep you could go as long as 15 years without needing to alter a thing!

Simple bathroom with shower and tub combo and a blue shower curtain, large mirror over dark brown vanity with white quartz countertop, lights on, gray towel hanging

Potentially, a fresh coat of paint and matching new towels can spruce up your bathroom enough that you don’t feel the need to pursue a complete overhaul. You might be surprised! But I know that doesn’t take away the appeal of walking into a transformed bathroom, so don’t write the renovation off just yet.

Still not sure? Big Bathroom Inspiration states that experts recommend you update your bathroom every 7 to 10 years according to the “general lifespan of bathroom products”. The quoted statement includes items such as toothbrushes, shower doors and curtains, plumbing parts, and basic bathroom amenities.

An excellent suggestion they give to prolong the necessity of remodeling your bathroom is to pick neutral colors to ensure an ageless appearance. Consider a crisp white, classic soft blue, or a calm gray if this is the route you prefer.

Gray and white bathroom, gray walls, gray and white tile, white frames mirror, gray cabinets with gray and white marbles quartz countertop, gray and white shower curtain

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Why should you bother remodeling your bathroom in the first place? The need can come from personal preference or essential repairs.

If you’re like me, you know what it’s like to move around a lot. There are so many houses out there that are decades old or aren’t in the best condition when you move in. Moving into a home with an outdated bathroom is an excellent reason to remodel.

Old run down bathroom with toilet and sink removed, rust and mildew tile, shrub brush on floor, broken pipe

This can go hand in hand with houses that haven’t been taken care of and, as a result, are no longer in their prime. When you buy a house that has been neglected, the potential for disaster is expected. Pipes freeze, floors rot, and mold tends to grow wherever there is moisture. Renovation is necessary!

On the other hand, the only reason you really need can be as simple as not liking the way your bathroom looks. Plenty of people, including myself, choose to remodel a room simply to match the rest of our home or for aesthetic purposes. It can also be a fun project if you have extra time on your hands.

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One reason that many people tend to look over is that renovating your bathroom, or any room, can increase the value of your home. If you’re planning to sell your house and move on to greener pastures, investing in this way can really pay off in the end!

No one wants their bathroom to be an eyesore. I know I don’t!

How Much Will Remodeling Your Bathroom Cost?

There are countless variables and choices that can affect the price of this project. Aside from a kitchen, the bathroom is the most expensive room in your home to renovate. That’s not to say that you can’t make it affordable, but you should definitely be prepared to save up for this undertaking.

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One of the first aspects to consider is hiring a contractor as opposed to doing the renovation yourself. More than likely, the materials offered by a contractor will be higher in quality. You will also be paying for the labor, and there may be a possibility of a ‘cost plus’.

cost-plus [kawst-pluhs]


Paid or providing for payment based on the cost of production plus an agreed-upon fee or rate of profit, as certain government contracts.

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You might find the price of labor and interest to be worth it when you discover how much work remodeling turns out to be!

Another facet to keep in mind is whether your renovation is facility-driven, cosmetic-driven, or both. Basically, is your focus on facilities, such as bathtubs and sinks, or is it the appearance of your bathroom, such as painting the walls or buying new towels or washcloths.

Here is a quick list of choices that will make a significant difference in pricing:

  • Room Size
  • DIY/Contractor
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Flooring
  • Facilities
  • Decorations

Based on the average bathroom size, about 36 to 40 square feet, here is a pricing chart. (Labor costs not included).

If you’re interested in a more detailed price quote, check out this website Bath&ShowerPros and get it emailed as soon as possible!

A bit of advice? Save yourself a fallback budget just in case you run into plumbing problems or other hitches in your renovation. I’m sure this will save you as much as it has me!

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Remodel A Bathroom?

Man in black shirt and gray pants reovation a bathroom, installing a wooden countertop onto a white cabinet, white walls and tile, vacuum and some open boxes on the floor

The best time of year to remodel a bathroom is during the warmer seasons. Late spring through summer, and into early autumn have the best temperatures for anything renovation related. If you’re planning on completing this task on your own, these sunny months provide comfortable working conditions.

Man in blue hoodie sweatshirt and black work overalls working on laying square shaped bathroom tile, buckt of cement near him

However, if you plan to hire someone to remodel your bathroom, spring might be the more favorable option. This is because the materials you’re looking for are likely to be well stocked, giving you the first pick of your contractor’s best collection. Keep in mind that you should speak to them at least a month beforehand because chances are you aren’t the only one looking to remodel.

Note: the best time of year can also be affected by an end of year work bonus or tax return. Having the extra cash is a big help!

How Long Should A Bathroom Renovation Last?

You’re now aware of how much remodeling your bathroom can cost you financially but money isn’t the only thing you’ll be spending here. Renovations take time. Although this varies with the depth of work and change, you should budget your time as much as you budget your money.

This is especially important when you have taken on the task yourself. Trust me, I know how easily days turn into weeks when you’re neck deep into a project like this! It seems to disappear even faster when there’s a deadline to meet, such as a holiday or family get together.

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As a DIY project, remodeling your bathroom can take anywhere from a week to a month. Depending on the bathroom size and any issues you could run into, possibly more. I would advise that you carefully plan out the things you will tackle from day to day to keep you from stressing over finishing on time!

I certainly wish I had done this when remodeling my kitchen a week before Thanksgiving!

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If you’re planning to hire someone, make sure you discuss the timeframe in detail. Again, it all depends on the size of your bathroom and what you’re having done, as well as any unforeseen complications. You can expect the average size bathroom to be finished around two to four weeks, and anything larger around one to two months.

Here’s a little tip for those of you avid DIYer’s. If you call a contractor to do an evaluation of your bathroom, you can get a professional assessment on the quality of your plumbing and facilities, as well as the estimated cost of the renovation without actually hiring them.

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