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Creative Ways To Infuse Personality Into Your Home Using Accessories

Hiring an interior designer is the easiest way to make your home look its best, but doing so can be costly. You can expect to spend an average of $50 to $200 per hour on interior design consultation and services, according to price estimates on HomeGuide. Creating impressive interior designs that attract visitors is a goal that every homeowner wants to accomplish. However, enhancing your interiors isn’t about picking the perfect color palettes and beautiful feature wallpapers only. How you accessorize your house matters a lot. Accessorizing your living space with the right pieces will add balance to your rooms, vibrancy, character and reflect your unique personality. But with so many decorating ideas for living rooms, how do you accessorize your space? Check out these creative ways to infuse personality into your home using accessories. 

Invest in beautiful fabrics and area rugs

In a shabby room, throw pillows, area rugs, and curtains can add a touch of personality and enhance style. The good thing about textiles is that there’s a variety of options, so you can be sure of finding fabric and rugs that will infuse the perfect touch into your interior decor. Moreover, textiles add warmth into spaces, especially rooms with hard floors like tiles and hardwood. 

When choosing textiles for your home, settle for patterns and colors that compliment your taste. It’s also wise to select upholstery fabric and rugs based on styles or materials that hold sentimental value. For instance, fitting an antique carpet purchased overseas can reflect your love for unique collections. 

Set the mood with candles and lamps

Different types of lighting set different moods in your interiors. For example, you can set a warm and inviting tone in the kitchen or living room with lamps. You can add a bit of your personality by selecting lamps with styles that mesh well with your taste. Alternatively, you may light candles in any space in your home. Unlike artificial lights, candles add a sense of tranquility and relaxation in a room due to their gentle glow. You can also create the perfect ambiance for your space by lighting scented and crackling candles. These candles are made of wood wick, and they emit sweet fragrances while producing the soothing sound of crackling fire when burned. Even more appealing, you may use wood wick candles to add personal taste in rooms. To achieve the best outcomes, choose candles based on your favorite scents like vanilla, lavender, or eucalyptus. Also, pick the shape and style of candle holder that matches your preferences. 

Don’t forget artwork

Artistic features like paintings, sculptures, and photographs are personal and evoke happy memories and emotional experiences. Art also adds interest and vibrancy to bare walls. Therefore, take advantage of blank spaces to tell your story. For instance, you can hang a large-sized painting or hand-paint a mural. Creating a gallery wall with a collection of framed photographs, wall hangings, ceramics, artwork, and souvenirs is another excellent way of adding a personal touch to spaces. 

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from the ground up, accessorizing is a part of interior decoration that you don’t want to overlook. Accessories allow you to tell visitors who you are by expressing your style preferences. To add a personal touch with accessories, consider adding textiles, make a statement with artwork, and use candles to set positive vibes.