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18 of the Best Online Gift Stores

It is often challenging to find just the right gift for someone. These are some of the best online gift stores where you can find unique gifts for anyone on your list.

White counter with white background,  7 beautifully wrapped gifts in all differetn sizes on the counter

It is often challenging to find just the right gift for someone. I seem to have a lot of people on my gift list that are difficult when it comes to giving them gifts. I am always looking for something unique and thoughtful for those that challenge me. These are some of the best online gift stores where you can find unique gifts for anyone on your list.

Best Online Gift Stores

No matter if you are looking for a personalized, handmade, or environmentally friendly gift, these best gift websites 2022, have everything you need.

1. Uncommon Goods

Blue and white insulated cooler with two beer bottles sticking out, jar of hot sauce and a beer can with a red coozy on it

Uncommon Goods is one of the best online gift stores because it offers rare finds perfect for the person who has everything. It has quirky gifts that are sentimental and funny. The website allows you to shop by recipient or occasion. They have an excellent feature that helps you find gifts when you just do not know what to buy.

Uncommon Goods even has a date night section with lots of beautiful options, including a couple’s snack tray in the shape of an infinity sign with each person’s name on either side of the tray. Uncommon Goods offers returns forever. If you do not love the item, you can return it at any time.

2. Jungalow

Image of the front page of a home decor website, showing bedding and wallpaper options

Junglalow is perfect for the Bohemian on your list. If you have someone that loves plants and color, Junglalow is the place for you to shop. Every purchase made results in two trees being planted. Sustainability is constantly on deck with the products on this site, from the processing to the packaging. Justina Blakeney is the creator of this site, and she carefully creates home decor, wallpaper, prints, textiles, and more.

Junglalow online gift shops usa has a rotation of in-house designers and featured artists. No matter who is doing the designing, the focus is color, bold prints, and sustainability. So you can feel good about the purchase you made and how it impacts (or not) the environment. Junglalow only offers standard shipping within the US.

3. Sugarfina

Picture of a candy website front page, red background with gummy candies, chocolate gift boxes and plastic container of small hard candies

Who does not love candy? There has to be someone on your list that would love grown up versions of sweet treats. While Sugarfina may be best known for the cocktail inspired flavored candy, they do make other treats for any adult to enjoy. They have chocolate bars, coffee flavored candy, and cookie inspired candy.

They even have a line of kosher candy. Sugarfina even has a line of candy inspired by The Simpsons. The website highlights new arrivals and bestsellers. You can create your own bento box of candy and customize the box. You can find Sugarfina products sold at department stores like Neimann Marcus. However, for the complete product line, you must visit the Sugarfina website.

4. GlobeIn

Image of the front page of a gifting website, orange background, Hispanic lady wearing a floral shirt holding a purple and tan hand woven basket

GlobeIn is one of the unique gift stores online where you can find lifestyle gifts. All the items on this site are handmade by female artisans. They have fair wages and ethical work conditions. The website offers product pages where you can find out more about the artisan that created it. You will find items like a recycled silk travel bag, a handwoven teardrop basket, and handblown glassware.

The GlobeIn website breaks items into collections, allowing you to shop categories like hand crafted tableware, unique gifts and treasures, and gift boxes. You can expect about five to ten days for shipping and handling. GlobeIn offers a membership that provides members with discounts and exclusive products.

5. Food 52

Image of the front page of a website offering food, recipes, drinks and things for your home

Food52 focuses on the home cook in every product they make. As early as the design stage, home cooks are an integral part of the process. The products on this website are intended for every kitchen, no matter the size or the experience of the cook. No detail is overlooked with these items. While they may seem quirky and unique, they are an excellent addition to any kitchen. You can find everything from a double sided bamboo cutting board to an apron with a built in potholder.

Food52 offers a variety of products; some are their direct product line, while others are not. You should pay attention to the item to ensure you know the manufacturer. The shipping time varies between items, too. It is essential that you check the item page when you order for shipping information.

6. Leon and George

Image of the front page of a plant website

Leon and George is one of the best online shops for plants that quickly brings some green to your indoor space. With all the time we have spent at home, it is nice to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Each plant is hand selected and carefully inspected. Leon and George offer categories like low light, pet friendly, or air purifying.

Each plant is carefully placed in a small batch ceramic pot that is hand finished, waterproof, and durable. They have numerous options from which you can select to enable you to find the perfect plant. In addition, they offer free lifetime access to the Plant Doctor service. This service gives your loved one a feeling that they have the support to care for whatever plant you send them.

7. Yellowtail

Image of the front page of a website where you can get all things Native American, 4 images, one of a woman walking in a field wearing a long cream and blue jacket, one of a man wearing a cowbot hat, blue button down collar shirt, holding a rope, and 2 of a woman wearing a cream and brown dress, dark hair in a braid

b.Yellowtail is a Native American owned retailer and brand that focuses on the art of storytelling with design and art. This website supports indigenous artists and gives them a platform to display and sell their work. b.Yellowtail sells scarves, beauty products, apparel, blankets, and jewelry. This website focuses on the culture and community of indigenous artists and allows them to share their designs with the world. They are prioritizing economic opportunities for Native Arts businesses.

8. ModCloth

Front page for a website called Modcloth, red background with white and pink hearts, 4 women holding up silver mylar balloon letters that say love

ModCloth is focused on quirky and unique gifts that anyone will love. They offer a curated collection of fun and unusual gifts. You can find colorful joggers, dinosaur print sweaters, and graphic tees. ModCloth offers pajamas and swimsuits that appeal to everyone. They have collections sorted by decade, so you can find drawstring shorts straight from the 70s. They offer a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes.

After some changes, ModCloth is independently owned again. They focus on female leadership and have an anti-photoshop policy. They are committed to diversity and inclusion for all employees, including the models they use. ModCloth also partners with other small female owned business brands.

9. Society

Front page for a website called Society 6, gifts and things for the inside and outside of your home, white mantel with 2 framed pictures, 2 white candle sticks with white candles, white pot with green plant

Society6 is one of the unique online shopping websites as it features the work of independent artists. Artists upload their work to the site and then sell their work. They can also receive a commission on products that Society6 produces but the artists designed them. The work of these artists can be printed on just about anything you would like. This includes pillows, yoga mats, and traditional prints.

The website offers many different ways to shop for gifts. You can select a design and pair it with a product. You can shop collections, like trending now. You can also shop by category, style, or room. If you sign up to receive automated text messages, you can get free shipping.

10. Maisonette

Image showing front page of a gift website, yellow, gray and pink colors and a smiling close up of a little girl

Maisonette is a boutique that is accessible by everyone. This is the website to go to when you are searching for luxury brands and children’s boutique items. They carry accessories, apparel, and toys. They carry items you can find in department stores and small businesses and start up companies. Maisonette is a marketplace where you can find anything you need for a child. They have more than 1000 items for babies and kids of all ages.

Maisonette has experts in-house to guide and inspire you. They can also help you save time when you do not know what to buy. They have items curated by age to help narrow down your search. They offer items for teens and adults. They even carry all the gear you need for a little one, including strollers and activity gyms. You can also find an iridescent jacket and a doll that represents their likeness and identity.

11. The Happy Planner

Image of the front page of a planner website, baby blue background with white and yellow daisies, soft orange font

We all have someone on our list that loves to plan and organize. The Happy Planner is the best online stores for a gift for them. These planners are more than just a place for appointments and lists; they are artwork. In addition to planners, they sell office supplies, wall paper, planner covers, stencils, stamps, and so much more.

The Happy Planner has practical gifts but also silly and fun gifts. If you do not know what to give, there are gift guides on the website to help you narrow down your selection. They also have planners grouped by theme to easily find something specific. In addition, you will find exclusive items on the website that you cannot find anywhere else.

12. MoMA Design Store

Front page of a design store website, gray background, black text and 2 red, black and green skateboards

The MoMA Design Store is on the list of gift shops you must visit when you want to find unique gift ideas for someone special. Even if your special someone is not a lover of modern art, this website offers creative gifts that are appealing to almost everyone. You can find items from skateboard decks with a reproduction of Faith Ringgold art on them to a rechargeable heart lightbulb.

This online store offers home decor with design and art at the forefront. The goal is to bring design into everyone’s home. The MoMA Design Store wants to make design accessible and affordable. You can find kinetic mobiles, Luxe Scrabble, framed prints, and much more. In addition, every purchase supports MoMA’s educational programs in the five boroughs of New York and around the world.

 13. Crown and Paw

Front page of a website for pet portraits, blue background white font and dog heads on people bodies

When talking about gift stores, we cannot overlook the pet lovers that we know. Crown and Paw can personalize any gift with the image of our animal friends. No matter what the animal, from a micro-pig to a dog, Crown and Paw can put their image on canvas, blankets, phones cases, and so much more. In addition, your pet is put in a costume of your choosing. The website is simple to use. You select the custom, upload your favorite photo, and place the order. It takes a couple of days before your artwork is ready for review.

After that, you can request edits or approve it. You know precisely what you are getting. There is no guesswork in purchasing these gifts. If you are not sure which portrait is right for your pet, there is a quiz you can take to assist you. After answering some questions about your pet’s personality, the website curates a series of options for you. Crown and Paw donate money to numerous non-profits benefiting the welfare of animals. They are a partner of The Humane Society International.

14. Miiriya

Image of the front page of a black owned business for things like beauty, home decor, fashion, hair, art and more.

Miiriya is an online marketplace for Black owned businesses. This founder of this online shop wanted to create a marketplace for shoppers wanting to support Black owned businesses. This website makes various products available all at your fingertips. No longer do you need to search for one of a kind and interesting products while supporting Black businesses. It is all available on this website. Each vendor has its own page on the site, making it easy for you to find its products and follow them.

You can also browse through categories to find the perfect gift. Each vendor has its own policy about processing and shipping, so it is essential that you read the information and understand the details for each vendor. You will find everything for the perfect gift, including jewelry, woven baskets, beauty and hair products, fashion, and home decor. No matter what you want, this is the site where you will find it.

15. West Elm

Front page of a website called West Elm, White and soft green color scheme with white and black font

West Elm is a great place to find a unique gift with a modern flair. They offer decor, furniture, and just about anything to satisfy your home needs. They sell popular brands like Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. You can find everything from shams and comforters to counter stools. In addition, they offer products that are environmentally friendly and natural. They have been considered one of the top 100 most sustainable U.S. companies for four years in a row.

Not only will you love your purchases, but you will feel good about them, too. West Elm even offers a design crew service for free. They are available to help you reimagine your home. Even better, they are available in physical stores, over the phone, or via video.

16. Verishop

Image of the front page of a wellness website, white and soft pastel pinks and greens with black font

Verishop is a great site to find unique and eclectic gifts from new brands. You can purchase a gift from a company before they are the next new thing. This site offers something special for anyone on your list. This is the site to find gifts you will not be able to find anywhere else. You will find eco-friendly activewear and natural skincare products.

They have everything from tech devices to spa products to chic decor. If you still cannot find the right gift, the gift giving guide is there to help. You can even live stream shopping every day for your favorite brands. Verishop often has sales, so you can get a great price on the item you have been watching. Their website is easy to navigate, with items grouped together for easy viewing.

17. Homesick Candles

Image of the front page of a candles website, mint green and taupe background showing a white jar candle labeled "The Bahamas", an orange, pineapple and coconut sitting next to candle

Homesick Candles is the place to go for any candle you want. They are well known for their destination candles. They are intended to remind you of your favorite city or country in candle form. They also offer book club, love letters, ski trip, date night, and let’s toast candles. You can customize the candles with a handwritten and personalized message.

All of the candles burn for as long as 60 to 80 hours. Homesick Candles are non-toxic and natural soy that is infused with oils for a unique fragrance. They provide free shipping after a certain amount is spent. In addition, homesick Candles give a care guide to help the scent last longer. If the safety and proper care guidelines are followed, the scents and candles last forever.

18. AAKS

Image for the front page of a shopping website, woman in a brown long sleeved shirt dress holding a bright colored red and orange bag

AAKS is a great online retailer the Ghana-based designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi created. This online shop is a celebration of traditional weaving while providing sustainable work to the women of Ghana and within other areas of Africa. You can find bags, baskets, and lamps.

These products take over a week to hand weave, and they are shipped all over the world. Each item is uniquely crafted, and the utmost care is taken with them. They add a burst of color to any home. The products are sold as individual parts of a collection. Each collection tells a different story about the women and the area. The use of shape, color, and detail shows the craftsmanship of each item.