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15 Unique Small Backyard Pools

If you have a small backyard but still want to enjoy the comforts of a pool, consider these small backyard pools for your yard.

If you want to enjoy the convenience of a pool but don’t have a lot of outdoor space to work with, you still have many options for installing a small backyard pool. Small backyard pools are popular options for people who want a water feature in their backyard but don’t want it to take up all the space they have available.

Small backyard pools are easy to maintain and can bring a calm and peaceful atmosphere to your backyard. If you have a deck or patio, this can be a great place to enjoy the backyard oasis you’ve created.

Details of small backyard pools

Small backyard pools are typically 600 square feet or less in size. Most small pools will be no more than six feet deep, but provide enough space to play, swim, and relax in the shallows. A small pool can be circular, square, rectangular, or another shape that fits the space you have available.

Most small pools aren’t diving accessible, but can still be used for cooling off in the summer and giving kids and adults a space to play. Smaller pools are easier to heat, which extends the amount of time you are able to comfortable swim in the pool. These kinds of pools are easy to clean and don’t require as many chemicals as larger pools, which adds to their appeal.

Small pools can also include fountains, waterfalls, or attached hot tubs to create a serene space. In addition to the pool being a place to be in the water, it can also be a soothing feature to look at and listen to.

Benefits of small backyard pools

Small backyard pools fit easily in smaller backyard spaces. If you want to have a pool but don’t have a lot of space to work with, a small pool could be right up your alley. Small pools allow for space to keep a patio, have a grassy yard, and landscape your yard.

When not in use for swimming, a backyard pool can be a unique water feature that provides a pleasant view from your house and yard. You can also choose to build shallow seats in the pool for a relaxing space.

If you have room around your small backyard pool, you can use tile to build out a patio area with lounge chairs, tables for outdoor dining and entertaining, and other relaxing features that make being in your backyard during the warm months even better.

Installing a small pool with limited backyard space can be tricky, but the final look is more than worth the effort. Consider the shape of the pool you want, how deep you want it to be, where it would look best in your yard, and what kind of landscaping you want around the pool to create balance throughout your backyard.

Small backyard pools are becoming increasingly popular. Smaller house lot sizes contribute to this, as does the appeal of staycations. Having your own backyard paradise can be a great investment in the long run. Here are a few more ideas for small backyard pools.

Add a spa for extra pool fun

Small pools don’t have to dominate your entire yard.

Entertain and enjoy the pool

A small backyard pool can be integrated into a patio space.

Protect your pool with a patio roof

Pool covers can be used to protect your pool from the weather.

Water features

A water feature can provide a calming environment.

Enjoy your pool all year round

Rest and relax in your own oasis.

Add in tiles for a safer pool space

Water features and tile can add to your landscaping.

Integrate a hot tub into your pool

A hot tub can be attached to your small backyard pool.

Geometric pool shapes

A classic pool design can add to your existing backyard.

Lots of space for entertaining.

A larger backyard can still benefit from a small, featured pool.

Unique pool shapes

Stairs make accessing your pool easier and safer.

Stone lined pool

A small pool with comfy seating can make your backyard the place to hang out.

Highlight trees and other landscaping with your pool

A small lap pool can accent the existing landscaping you have.

Enjoy your pool

Small backyard pools are a great place to hang out and enjoy the sun.

Create a stunning pool space

Utilize differing depths to make your pool look bigger.

Fit a pool in where you want it

A small backyard pool can fit into nearly any space.