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Scandinavian Inspired Gloss Kitchens

Glossy kitchens have been all the rage in recent years. Homeowners looking to recreate their gloss kitchen layouts and check out our inspired gallery of Nordic kitchens.

If you’re unsure of whether adding gloss finishes to your kitchen’s looks is a good fit for the Scandinavian design, keep reading our post. 

It’s definitely no overstatement to say that Scandinavian-inspired kitchens can be spectacular places. Traditionally characterized by glowing white and layered wood shells and cabinetry, highlighting a clearly defined and functional working environment, the Scandi kitchen does live up to its esteemed reputation. They’re rooted in the minimalistic design, but that doesn’t mean they look boring. You can break up the rules by adding gloss finishes and still get that unique Nordic touch. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?

As a general rule, the Scandinavian aesthetic uses clean lines, minimalist spaces, and simple styling that is resonating in interiors today. Add in a neutral color palette, warm wood, practical furnishings, and light, and you have the modern yet warm features of a space that scream Nordic design.

It all started in 1930 when Nordic countries began to re-think interior design with a new approach to minimalist design that focused on comfort and simple living. Countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland helped coin the “Scandinavian” term, designing around a minimalistic philosophy. The main goal was to simplify the daily lifestyle while embracing clean textures and lines inspired by nature.

Contrary to most inexperienced views, the Scandi style isn’t only about simple styling but also about solid craftsmanship, sustainability, and eco-friendly materials that played a key role in its expansion around the world. This Nordic-inspired design is still out there and continues to evolve, becoming a modern look that’s also evergreen.

Why Gloss Kitchen Finishes?

The Scandinavian-inspired modern kitchen is a pleasure to marvel at simply because it brings together all the stability of Nordic interior design schemes and the minimalism we all crave for. Naturally, the practicality should be of prime importance, but when it comes to minimalism, glossy finishes are just too good to be turned down.

Designing a gloss kitchen with Nordic tones can have a range of benefits, the most evident of which is the illusion of added space. This is why we see it in every kitchen, especially those that are striving to seem more spacious. Here’s how gloss finishes work:

  • Provide a sense of space 

When it comes to modern kitchens, you can’t escape the high gloss finish. From work surfaces to cupboards and even appliances, glossy finishes are a top choice.

But apart from being super stylish, another advantage of this popular kitchen style is the size illusion they create. As an entirely reflective surface, glossy fixtures will make your kitchen feel lighter, brighter, as well as larger. Indeed, that means you can try to “mask” the size of your space by choosing high gloss finishes.

Glossy finishes are a sure way of improving your kitchens in all aspects. For example, gloss kitchens reflect both artificial and natural light, so the light can reflect off the surfaces and create an open, welcoming space in your home. In other words, regardless of the time of day or season – your kitchen has a naturally bigger and brighter feel.

Require low maintenance

Minimalism! The world that’s buzzing roundabout across the globe! If you’re a fan of minimalistic design with no added fluff – glossy finish kitchen cabinets and worktops make the best choice.

We can brag all day about this aspect of this material, but nothing can beat its practicality. One of the biggest advantages of glossy finishes is that they are so easy to clean. And, honestly, very few people actually enjoy cleaning their kitchen. And with a mirroring, smooth, non-porous, a simple wipe of a cloth is more than enough. Compare this with a laminate or natural timber kitchen, and you will immediately notice an advantage.

However, as with everything in life, a nice material or object will last longer when it’s properly maintained, so make sure to use a soft cloth to remove the marks on your acrylic gloss cabinets and worktops. Using an abrasive material will only deteriorate the surface.

 Are accessible in a variety of color options

High-gloss kitchen surfaces bring shiny glory into our kitchens. They also come in various color options, which means that whatever color scheme you want to create, there is a high gloss surface to suit your Scandi style.

There are so many colors and shades that you don’t even need to compromise on your kitchen design, and you can have the light or dark worktop you always wanted.

Glossy surfaces are also ideal if you want to create accents that contrast nicely with the walls. These finishes are great at accentuating pieces you really want to stand out, like doors, furniture, or cabinets.

Should you require an even Nordic look for your kitchen, adding more color to your kitchen is the way. Start by bringing the outside world in with fresh and radiant plants. Consider how enjoyable having potted herbs would be and introduce fruit bowls to continue spicing up your kitchen.

A bright backsplash would add nicely to your glossy finishes and help reduce the mundane by creating an eye-catching focal point. Colorful worktops or cabinetry remain a viable option but ensure you have more neutral flooring and walls to maintain the minimalism of the Scandi design.

  Brightens the room 

Along with the sense of space they provide in the kitchen, gloss finishes are also incredibly bright. Someone who loves a neat and well-light space will surely love having these finishes in their cooking space. 

In most homes, the kitchen is one of the most-frequented areas in the house. This means you want to make it as easily accessible and welcoming as possible.

Darker won’t work for this unless you have a lot of space at your disposal. If not, your cooking space will look narrow, uncomfortable, and not at all Scandi.

Glossy kitchen finishes create a reflective design that tends to brighten a space by approximately 10-20%, depending on the placement of your worktops or cabinets.

When asking, “Are gloss finishes suited for the Scandinavian feel?”  you have to concentrate on how you feel and how the eye perceives the room.

The light that is reflected off your kitchen worktops will make it seem brighter. This will only increase the minimalist, clean and comfortable feel of the Scandinavian design. Well-lighten and brighten spaces are good examples of how Scandinavians endure four good months of dark winter.

Glossy finishes and paints are a part of their share of clever ideas for brightening their space during these literal dark days. This is not just a coincidence. If you’ve ever wondered why so many Scandi rooms start with white walls and slightly glossy finishes, it’s mostly because lighter finishes can help open up the space.

Final Thoughts

“Are gloss kitchen finishes fit for Scandinavian design?” We think they do. Gloss kitchens are always a good idea and a stylish way of recreating a Nordic feel in your cooking space. After all, no Scandi look is complete without a decent dose of clean and neat minimalism.

When we think of Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design, thoughts of airy and bright spaces come to mind. They are timeless and create a sense of comfort and an excellent background for natural elements, including kitchen herb pots and lovingly worn wood chairs.