20 Stunning Living Room Rugs

living room rug

Living room rugs are an integral part of any homes decorating scheme, especially those with hardwood or tile floors. They can either define a room or provide a foundation for the room’s furniture. Typically, a living room rug fulfills three important requirements:

• A soft place to rest your feet and for children to play
• A foundation for the placement of furniture
• Colors, patterns and texture to add an additional decorative element

However, not all living room rugs are created equal, and size does matter. One of the most common decorating mistakes is the installation of a rug that is much too small for the space. Regardless of the size of your living room, the area rug should at least approach the legs of the main pieces of furniture. In fact, it looks best when the front legs of furniture are located on the rug. A small rug sitting in the middle of a living room looks as strange as a very small bowtie on a rather large man. Get the idea?

A good quality area rug can be costly and is often considered an investment piece. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you purchase one that will hold up well over time. If you have small children it is best to choose a rug that is easy to clean and is designed to hide spills. In contrast, a rug for a living room frequented by adults can be decidedly more luxurious and delicate. Rugs constructed with synthetic materials are often less expensive; whereas those made of wool or silk are often more costly. Thankfully, retailers from discount to high end, provide a wide variety of options to suit every price range and design preference.

Open concept spaces tend to benefit the most from the addition of area rugs. A rug placed in the dining area, the living room, as well as the entrance will naturally separate one area from the other without adding visual weight. This provides an ease in the flow of traffic from one area to the next. As long as there are shared aspects in each rug, such as color palette, each rug can be slightly different. This will prevent the space from appearing boring and predictable. However, pared down spaces designed with a focus on minimalism may wish to incorporate matching area rugs in simple, natural materials.

The following gallery provides a peak at a selection of area rugs ranging from simplistic to graphic.


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