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Creating a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Sleep is vitally important to one’s quality of life. Without a good night’s rest, your job performance, personal relationships and general outlook are liable to be adversely impacted. As such, enhancing the quality of your nightly respite should be among your foremost priorities. In working to provide yourself with a better night’s sleep, pay special attention to your bedroom. Although many of us associate bedrooms with peace and relaxation, a surprising number of these spaces are hardly conducive to sleep. So, if a sleep-friendly bedroom is what you’re after, take the following pointers to heart.

Hang Blackout Curtains

If you keep an unconventional sleep schedule or your bedroom is located in a spot that receives an excessive amount of sunlight, the sun probably acts as a hindrance to your comfort. Some of us require complete darkness to properly relax our minds and drift off into slumber, so if the sun continually impacts your sleep quality, consider hanging blackout curtains.

Per the name, these curtains are designed to block out sunlight and make sleep spaces as dark as possible. Furthermore, certain varieties of blackout curtains are composed of thermal materials, enabling them to help seal in indoor air and keep outdoor air at bay. This can prove particularly helpful during the swelteringly hot summer months and bitterly cold winter months.   

Some blackout curtains are so thick that they can even help filter out noise. So, if you live in an area with a lot of traffic, outdoor activity or general noise, these curtains may be right up your alley.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A dependable ceiling fan can be a boon to your nightly respite. This is particularly true during periods of excessively warm weather. So, if you hail from an area that’s warm all year long and/or is known for brutally hot summers, a bedroom ceiling fan is an absolute must. For one thing, ceiling fans can prove helpful at circulating the cool air produced by your home’s A/C. Additionally, if their blades are adjusted to spin counterclockwise, they can produce downward-flowing cool breezes without the aid of air conditioning.

Reliable ceiling fans are available in an extensive variety of styles and sizes. For example, if your bedroom doesn’t have much ceiling space to offer, just look for small ceiling fans. Since most ceiling fans are affordable on virtually any budget, exorbitant price tags shouldn’t act as a hindrance to your nighttime comfort. 

Invest in Seasonal Bedding

If you’re based in a part of the country in which temperatures fluctuate wildly between seasons, you’d be wise to invest in seasonal bedding. Using warm weather bedding during periods of cold weather – or cold weather bedding during periods of warm weather – can lead to extreme discomfort and severely compromise your quality of slumber. With this in mind, make a point of purchasing thick, heavy sheets and comforters for the winter months and light, breathable ones for the summer months. Using the same bedding year-round may save you a little bit of money, but it will also result in many uncomfortable nights. For added comfort, take care to purchase seasonal nightwear, as well.  

Purchase a Large Nightstand

Although some people have no trouble falling back asleep after getting up in the middle of the night, not all of us are so lucky. Getting out of bed for just a few minutes can result in us spending hours trying to get back to sleep. If you frequently find yourself getting out of bed to retrieve various items, you’d do well to invest in a good nightstand. The right nightstand will be large enough to comfortably house any and all items you may need throughout the night, including water bottles, snacks and medications.   

Sleep is important to virtually every aspect of your overall health. Be it physical or psychological, there’s a good chance it’s directly impacted by your quality of slumber. So, if getting a proper night’s rest isn’t currently among your foremost priorities, it needs to be. In your quest for enhanced sleep quality, make sure to give your bedroom a meticulous once-over. As your designated sleeping space, this area should be primed for comfort and relaxation. If your current bedroom setup leaves quite a bit to be desired, take care to consider the measures discussed above.