Create a Backyard Spool Pool

If you have a small backyard but have always dreamed of having a pool, there are plenty of great options you can take advantage of to make your dreams come true. Small spas or pools are becoming increasingly popular for people who may not have a lot of backyard room to work with, or who just want a smaller water feature to accent their outdoor space.

This type of small pool is called a spool pool. These pools are a blend of a spa and a pool and often measure between 6-8 feet wide and 10-16 feet long. A spool pool is smaller than the average in-ground swimming pool but tends to be larger than a spa.

Uses for a spool pool

In a spool pool, you can add in high powered jets for a luxurious spa experience. These jets can also be used as an exercise tool, allowing you to swim into the current for a low-impact workout. If your pool is long and narrow, you can use it to swim laps or for a good resistance workout against the jets.

Many spools come with a temperature adjuster so that you can switch between a cooler water temperature for exercising and a hotter temperature for lounging.

Spool pools are useful for people who want a combination of a hot tub and a pool, but may not have enough space for both. If you want to cut down on pool maintenance but still enjoy a water feature in your yard, a spool pool may be right for you.

Benefits of a spool pool

Spool pools are incredibly beneficial for people who may not have space, budget, or willingness to commit to a traditional in-ground pool. Spool pools are smaller than regular pools, which makes them easier to cover for use throughout the year. A smaller body of water makes it easier to heat and cuts down on your electrical bill.

In terms of landscaping, a spool pool doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can be tucked into your yard to create a beautiful, relaxing oasis. A pool can be surrounded by a patio space with seating or a water feature like a waterfall or fountain.

Surrounded by natural landscaping like trees, shrubs, grass, or flowers, a pool can be a private and relaxing addition to your backyard and your home as whole.

Considering your spool pool

If you are considering installing a spool, there are a few things you should consider before committing to one. First, think about the space you are working with and how you can integrate your pool into your backyard. If you want to connect it to a patio space, think about the size and shape of your future pool.

Consider how often you’ll use your pool and what you’ll use it for. If you are hoping to entertain lots of people, a smaller pool may not be a good option. However, if you are looking for a small pool to hang out by during warm summer evenings, a spool pool could be a great option for your yard.

Pool with water features
Create a backyard spool with added water features.


Create your own custom spool
Backyard spools can come in a variety of patterns.


Connect your spool and patio
Elevated spools can take into consideration your existing patio space.


You can create a pool space that meets your needs
Connect your pool and hot tub together.


Spools can be larger or smaller, depending on your needs
Spools can be big enough to entertain friends and family in.


Spools can add in delicate tile features
Spools can vary in depths.


Add a fire pit or waterfall to your spool
Small pools can be built around fire pits or waterfalls.


Add in natural landscaping for your spool
Natural landscaping can create a soothing environment in your yard.


Provide a space for entertaining
Add in seating to your backyard pool.


Tile can add depth and beauty to your pool
Add seating around your spool for a relaxing environment.

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