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9 Awesome Garage Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Discover the awesome garage alternative for your vehicle among the most reasonable, inexpensive options.

Standalone awning garage

Do you have a house that is perfect for you with one exception, and that is the missing garage? Perhaps you like in an apartment or condo, and a garage is not an option. Garages can be a secure and clean place to store your car. Many garage owners use them as a storage facility for all the extra items they have. A garage can also increase the resale value of your home by improving its look and providing space for a car. 

No matter your plan, you may have found that you need garage space. However, you may not realize that there are numerous alternatives to building a garage that will not break your budget. For those that cannot afford or are not able to build a garage on their house, these alternatives are great options. 

Inexpensive Garage Alternatives

The thought of constructing an addition to your house to add a garage may not sound appealing to you. However, these options are time and money-saving. Take a look at these great garage alternatives for your consideration. 

1. Awnings

A beige-toned solo awning option garage
A beige-toned solo awning option for garages.

An awning is a structure that protects your vehicle from rain, sleet, and snow. Most often, an awning must be attached to another structure, like your house. It extends out and away from the house to protect and shade whatever is underneath it. You most commonly see an awning covering a deck or patio. It is not usual to see one in place of a garage, but it is possible. 

You can install an awning yourself or hire someone to do it for you. In some cases, you may need to use two awnings together to cover your vehicle thoroughly. The average length of one awning is about 7 feet. Retractable awnings are also an option allowing you to roll them up when you do not want to use them. 

The benefit of selecting an awning is that it is an affordable option that you can easily install yourself. Therefore, assembling and installing an awning should not be time-consuming. In addition, it will give you basic protection from the elements. 

You should be aware that there are some cons to an awning. They are not the most convenient option you can select. While this is an affordable option, it is not the only one. An awning is generally attached to the house and is not the best option for all situations. 

2. Car Cover

A car cover in color black design
A car cover in the color black for straightforward vehicle security.

If you are interested in a garage alternative simply to cover your car, then a car cover may be the best answer for you. They are a simple and affordable way to cover your car. A vehicle cover protects it from the elements or exposure to sun, rain, and snow. With a car cover, you can provide this protection wherever you go. You can carry it in your car with you and cover it anywhere. Check out some designs here on the car covers website.

Car covers only cover the top of the car. It does not provide protection for the undercarriage. Many covers provide UV protection to prevent the vehicle from getting dull. Many car owners that care for their cars use these types of covers. You may choose to use car covers in combination with another type of option, such as a carport. While this may not be as effective as a fully enclosed garage, it can prevent your vehicle from damage and scuffs. 

One of the largest benefits of a car cover is its portability. You can take it on the go and provide protection anywhere. A car cover is going to offer a good level of protection for your car. Just remember that a car cover protects the top of the vehicle only and does not provide complete protection. 

3. Carport

Carport with wooden features and a black roof
A spacious carport with wooden features and a black roof.

A carport is a common structure used as a garage alternative. You can build it yourself, depending on your skills, but you may need professional help to install a carport. They are durable, inexpensive, and relatively simple to install. A carport is a roof structure that covers your car. It can be attached to your house, or it can be free-standing. 

A carport provides protection from all the elements that come from above, such as rain. It does not provide protection from the sides or below because it is only a roof. It is not entirely enclosed as it does not have sides or a floor. 

There are a number of benefits to a freestanding carport which is why they are one of the most commonly used options. They are stylish and affordable options that can be designed to match the facade of your home. They are easy to install, and you may be able to do it yourself. However, a carport is not completely enclosed. It does not have a bottom, sides, or insulation. It provides protection for your vehicle, but it is not a secure place to store items. 

4. Pole Barn

A solid-wood pole barn with lighting
A substantial solid-wood pole barn with lighting features.

A pole barn is an exterior structure typically found on a farm, but it can be used to store almost anything. It has what is known as pole framing or post-frame construction. It does not have a foundation. It may have sides, but not always. The roofing is typically aluminum or corrugated steel. It is supported by vertical poles that are buried in the ground and set about 8 feet apart. A pole barn also has a girt to give the roof support horizontally. While this can be an affordable option, it can also increase in price quickly. 

Some of the benefits of pole barns are that they are affordable and do not have a foundation, which becomes expensive. They can be built on ground that is uneven. They are easy to build, and most can construct them themselves. A pole barn can also provide some amount of insulation if it has sides. 

There are some downsides to consider when it comes to a pole barn. First, it is not the best option for every situation. This solution is not ideal for buildings that are higher than 20 feet. If you do not have quality soil, this may not work for you. If the ground cannot support the posts, this may not be a viable option. Finally, depending on where you live, you may be subjected to zoning, and a pole barn may not be allowed. 

5. Portable Garage Kits

A portable garage with dark shades stands on a yard
A portable garage with dark shades stands on a grassy yard area.

A portable garage kit is an affordable and easy way to create a tent-like shelter for your vehicle. You build it yourself with materials that are premade. They come in a range of sizes and styles. They are a durable option that has a steel frame with UV-resistant polyethylene fabric that is reinforced. It also comes with a simple lock. This is a durable option. These garage kits provide you with an option that provides coverage for all four sides of your vehicle giving you maximum protection in harsh weather conditions. 

6. Prefab Garage

Installation of a prefabricated garage.
Installation of a simple-designed prefabricated garage.

One of the best-detached garage options is a prefab garage. This is a detached garage that is built by a builder somewhere other than its final destination. It may be transported in sections, depending on the overall size. Once it reaches its destination, it is quick and easy to install onsite. This type of garage is also referred to as a portable garage or a modular garage. A prefab garage is a free-standing option that is ideal if you do not want to attach anything to your existing structure. This is a common option for those that do not have a garage. You may check some designs on this website Prefab Car Garages.

There are many benefits to this type of garage. First, this is an affordable option as it is less expensive than construction. They can be completely customized with various materials and styles. Finally, they are considered an environmentally friendly option because they use less material for construction.

There are some downsides to consider. First, you have to have the space to place a prefab garage. If you do not have enough square footage, this may not be the best option for you. You also want to ensure that you are purchasing a quality garage that is well-built and durable. 

7. Quonset Huts

An arched-style Quonset hut in white paint
An arched-style Quonset hut in white exterior paint.

A Quonset hut is similar to a shed but is prefabricated and lightweight. They are typically made of corrugated galvanized steel and have a semi-cylindrical cross-section. They have doors on the end that can open and close quickly and easily. They are simple and easy to assemble and often come in kits. This makes the setup process quick and painless. The pieces slide into place and then bolt together. They are an affordable option that does not have to be attached to your home. The benefits of considering a Quonset hut are they are inexpensive and easy to place. Most homeowners can assemble them on their own. The downside is they are not the most attractive looking option and may not be something you want next to your house. 

8. Sheds

A modest shed with a wooden frame for the design.
A modest shed with a wooden frame for the design.

Sheds have become one of the most popular options when it comes to affordable garage alternatives. Many people have some type of shed already on their property. Typically, the sheds you see in someone’s backyard are not big enough for a vehicle. However, they have enough space to store equipment and other items. Most modern sheds have some amount of metal or steel to them. You can get a shed that is all wood, but it is not as durable. Wood tends to look better. No matter which material you choose, they are low maintenance and require little effort. 

The benefits of a shed are they are inexpensive and easy. They are already constructed and delivered to you in one piece. The downside is they are small and not as convenient as other alternatives. In addition, they will not hold a car but could hold a riding lawn mower and other equipment, including gardening tools.

9. Telescoping Tents

Car Camping Shade Awning Canopy for 8-10 Person Family Party Tent Picnic,BBQ,Friends Gathering Waterproof Lightweight Easy Setup 15 * 10 FT

A telescopic tent is similar to an awning. Telescoping tents are a portable version of an awning. It is a bit easier to use. It allows you to cover your vehicle to keep it safe. This tent canopy option does not require a large amount of setup. Many people take these tents with them anywhere they go, especially when traveling. They can protect your vehicle from rain, hail, snow, or sleet. This may be referred to as a portable tent garage. 

A telescopic tent is often used while camping. It is a great way to have a place for you and your car while being outside. This option is affordable and easy to construct. It takes very little time to set up, and they are portable tents. The downside is that it does not provide a large amount of protection for your vehicle. 

How Do You Protect Your Car if You Don’t Have a Garage?

If you do not have a permanent garage, there are a number of ways you can protect your car. You can purchase a standalone garage alternative, such as a carport or a shed. You can also purchase a car cover that is portable and can protect your vehicle no matter where you are. Some other steps you can take include sealing the paint on your car by waxing it regularly. You can wash your car regularly to remove all the dirt and debris. 

Do I Really Need a Garage?

While you do not need a garage, many potential homebuyers will not purchase a home without one. Not having a garage could decrease the value of your home. You also may find it useful to have one to secure your vehicle or store items. There are freestanding garage alternatives to consider if you wanted one but could not build an addition to your home.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Build a Garage?

The easiest and most affordable way to build a garage is to construct a pole barn or purchase a garage kit. While both options have pros and cons, they are affordable. Both of these options cost less than building a garage as an addition to your home. A pole barn requires more work and is more expensive, but more customizable, allowing you to get everything you want.