Dark kitchen cabinets look absolutely stunning. From black, brown, expresso, mocha and grey. View our pictures of kitchen designs with dark cabinets.


Slate grey kitchen cabinets bring a very stylish and dark edge to the kitchen. This kitchen uses mirrors and semi-matte surfaces to subtly reflect the natural and artificial light.


These wooden cabinets are so dark that they appear almost black, but their slight warmness and brown tones add a complex, fun, and unusual twist to this monochrome inspired color palette.


Brown wicker chairs in light brown and beige tones bring fun and informal seating to this kitchen, but also act as a middle ground between the contrasting creams of the flooring and worktops, and the dark and dramatic kitchen cabinets.


The detail in these dark wooden cabinets adds cool texture and uniqueness to this kitchen. This makes the dark cabinets really stand out and become the defining feature in this traditional, small kitchen.


Small but bright color accents in orange and red match the warming and chocolate tones of the outstanding cabinets in this kitchen.


The reflectiveness of these dark kitchen cabinets mean that the mood and style of the kitchen is dictated by the amount of light, natural and artificial, brought into the kitchen. More light will lighten the entire room, but less light will increase the drama and intensity of the dark colors.


Handles are a key design point in any kitchen and can speak a lot about the style of the kitchen. These rustic style handles make a statement that matches the traditional and rustic style of the dark wooden cabinets.


Using this dark blue color for kitchen cabinetry adds a very modern and personalized slant on the traditional dark cabinet trend.