Dark kitchen cabinets look absolutely stunning. From black, brown, expresso, mocha and grey. View our pictures of kitchen designs with dark cabinets.


These wooden cabinets are very traditional in color and style, but silver appliances and cabinet handles help to add a mix of modern kitchen style to this home.


The sheer size of this stand out kitchen island employs the same color as the rest of the stunning cabinet, but its presence in the centre of the room and impact multiplies the impact of the gorgeous warm and dark wood used to decorate the entire kitchen.


This is a luxurious take on a traditional farmhouse kitchen, mixing traditional and practical dark wooden cabinets with luxury worktops and modern appliances.


This minimal kitchen has a very cooling effect created from very sleek and modern kitchen cabinets in a dramatic dark brown, sleek appliances, and cool painted walls.


Stepping away from the usual brown and black cabinets used to achieve dark kitchens, this kitchen uses a dark olive green to achieve the striking but alternative kitchen color scheme.


Very dark brown cabinets here appear almost black and look very sleek and stunning in this modern kitchen. Supported by chrome accents and modern and unique decorations, this is the perfect modern family kitchen.


Varying tones of dark brown take over this kitchen and as a result we have a very warming, comforting, and traditional family kitchen. Light diffusing worktops and metallic appliances add sparkle and luxury.


The darkness of these cabinets takes them into the background, as this kitchen allows the unusual round breakfast bar and modern light fixtures to take center stage.


Using different tones of wood to create the cabinet fronts and the shell create a sharp ‘grid’ effect throughout the kitchen. The clean lines and geometric shapes bring a touch of the modern to this very plain and traditional kitchen.