Looking for white kitchen and cabinet ideas? Check out our photos of custom kitchens with pre-built and painted white cabinets.

shutterstock_257386786The modern cabinets and chrome accents in this space are an unexpected touch in this otherwise traditional space.

shutterstock_261004718The wraparound, wood countertop on the lower cabinets frames them beautifully and adds warmth to the space.

shutterstock_268744166With lots of natural light and shiny, reflective surfaces this modern kitchen offers an elegant place to cook and visit with friends.

shutterstock_274800431Warm woods always warm up an all-white space.

shutterstock_281146424This open concept kitchen is a light and airy space with open shelving and a place to display wall art.

shutterstock_284410082An all-white kitchen is creates the illusion of a much larger space.

shutterstock_285772961Glass-front uppers provide an opportunity to display beautiful china and dishware.

shutterstock_294555110If there is enough room, a long row of lower cabinets can provide plenty of storage space for everything from kitchen appliances to dishes and cutlery.

shutterstock_296143946The sage-green wall color in this country kitchen coordinates perfectly with granite countertops.

shutterstock_306294905Modern cabinetry and mid-century modern furniture are a great combination for this open space.

shutterstock_309783683The large, country kitchen combines a variety of cabinet colors and treatments to create a truly unique space.

shutterstock_303724649The brightly-colored pendant light creates a pop of color against the white cabinetry in this space.

shutterstock_292320695If space allows, a large chalkboard wall is a great addition to any kitchen because it gives lots of space for grocery lists and a place to record messages.